Live @ Shea Stadium 05​/​21​/​11 Brooklyn NY

by The Communion

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Live @ Shea Stadium 05-21-11, Brooklyn NY

The Kill
Doubled Over
The Communion

Flyer art by Cat Bomb


released May 21, 2011

Nick - Vocals
Billy - Guitar
Jimmy - Guitar/Bass/Noise
Joe - Drums



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The Communion

"The Communion (Long Island, NY) don't linger in one spot long enough to be easily defined or categorized. The metal/hardcore quartet can create angst-ridden explosions that make most power electronics bands seem "light," then on to black metal shrieking and blast-beat takeoffs that are just as easily swapped out for classic hardcore 2/4, and swinging sludge riffs akin to Eyehategod. -Wm. Berger ... more

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Track Name: Funeral Home Marionettes (Live @ Shea Stadium 05/21/11)
Somnambulist screams into the carrion black reservoir. Edited to medicine, pain-living preferred to the unknown. Atypical reticence that leaves me to wonder what I ever wanted from them. Botfly tumblers up from alkaline wilderness. Fallout shadows flirting with lover flesh. Stared at but hidden like a concert hall crematorium. A crane left in a gelatinous skeletal state, distended belly in a lake of entrails, arsenic like sea-salt caking the doors of a river bottom pick-up. A doll head plucked off a wallpaper of ball gags. Check our hemoglobin for Aboriginal art. Caterpillars in bullet-cocoons that only mature through exit wounds, their flight patterns leaving a trace. Now painted in the smolder of a burning widow, Cloud-pointers damn pedophilia with their backs to the machete capes. The controlled wrath of cafeteria-pleasantries fooled you into a toll-free dream scape, orifice the one thought-barrier left to breach.
Track Name: Marble Husk (Live @ Shea Stadium 05/21/11)
This is not a message of hope or reassurance. Tied to the floor, a ceiling of chicken wire drops the net. Beneath malignant signatures, the wounds roar like a lymph node chamber pit. Bound by the promise to bear witness to the others debasement, they slash their bellies to placate offal codes. Blood hangs briefly before the droplets pop. Swastika viscera worms from the slice, cupped in their hands and tossed like a child eroding in mid-air. Sky in vaginal tears. In the kaleidoscopic ever-flow of oil churns. Mondo requiems dismissed as salival chinned eunuchs brow hammering a marbled cattle husk.
Track Name: Stirrups (Live @ Shea Stadium 05/21/11)
You know not horror, disease, or revenge. Not when applause is on the mind. Resurrection is comic book. Adolescent fantasia disengaging consequence or purpose. Wince before cicada casing insisting you've weathered infestation. When it is you who crashes through the shrapnel pane, will you be cut or will you be dust? Fashion a plot from skin. Dried and pulled and knotted at the corners. Cake the turbines with my ash, aerate the hell I've mercifully left behind. May you all breathe it in. Lung erosion constant and unending.
Track Name: Conjugal Apparition (Live @ Shea Stadium 05/21/11)
Kid gloves rake match heads. Diapered malnourished savor the saccharin of intestinal worms. Disrupting the milk-line, they cut their feet on the ground where the saucers dropped just to say they lost to the white mud. Brain lathers vivisection mandibles. Cat-o-nine cauterized erogenous zones. Interphalangeal aurora borealis trimming the conjugal apparitions. Maybe I crave this burn-ward void, but that doesn’t excuse you dribbling gasoline. You say it’s only because you want some sparks... but isn’t that how immolation starts?
Track Name: Optimum Hearse (Live @ Shea Stadium 05/21/11)
The scenery ruins me. Stiff little motions in my stomach read like a boulders circling a desolate orb. Atavism radiates a bone season languor...a revulsion to useless to vanish. She sings “Never is the equivalent of eternity in the form of No”. Her skin wears what my body hides. Titanium stemmed fabrics, post‑rainfall brittle, radiating Samhain when dusted in the casually flicked embers of a cloven nail.. Soul is a cone to nowhere.